Advanced Steam Technology
XE System
High Efficiency Steam Heat Exchangers for
- Building Heat  
- Domestic Water

Unique Vertical Flooded Design
Introducing… the XE System for steam control in large
facilities. It's a skid-mounted/pre-piped design that saves
space, energy, and even water

Designed for either building heat or domestic hot water
applications. XE systems can reduce energy consumption by
between 5 – 15 percent

As illustrated here, the control system varies the amount of
condensate in the exchanger. This controls the heat output,
and extracts energy from the condensate.

XE Stands for “Extra Energy Extraction”

The direct benefits of the XE Vertical Exchanger are threefold;
1) Reduced greenhouse emissions by reducing fuel
consumption and flash steam
2) Reduced cost of operation, and carbon footprint, and
3) Lower installed costs for new projects since high pressure
steam can be used directly.

These benefits will result in simpler mechanical room design,
and add incrementally to the greening of the facility.
The primary control valve is at the
bottom. It  opens and closes to vary the
condensate level in the exchanger.
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